Windows Buildbot binaries


I have been investigating using the LLDB-MI tool for debugging a project at work on Windows, but have been unable to work out how to build the program from source (I spent several days with errors I couldn’t work out how to fix before giving up). Would it be possible to download the binaries that the Windows buildbot generates? It would save me a large amount of hassle.



We don’t have anything set up like this at the moment unfortunately. It could happen in the future, but we’ve been spending our limited amount of Windows resources making new debugging scenarios work, and just haven’t gotten to this.

I’d be happy to help diagnose build errors if you’re willing to give it a go again. The biggest difficulty is the Python part. If you don’t care about contributing patches to LLDB or scripting LLDB, and you just want to use it for something, you can set LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON=1 on the command line and that should fix most of the difficulty that goes with building LLDB.

I’ve been working on getting Python 3 support working, which should also greatly simplify the build process, but it’s not quite there yet, although it’s very close.