Writing a pass for the opt tool: likely documentation bug


I'm currently attempting to implement a pass that will hopefully run under the opt tool. Currently, I'm having some difficulties -- the sample code for the Hello pass (see http://llvm.org/docs/WritingAnLLVMPass.html) doesn't work. The first error is that the section starting 'As a while, the cpp file looks like:' omits the declaration for char Hello::ID = 0 that is given separately above. If you add this, opt still fails with the message:

opt: /usr/local/rse/llvm/src/lib/VMCore/Pass.cpp:158: void <unnamed>::PassRegistrar::RegisterPass(llvm::PassInfo&): Assertion `Inserted && "Pass registered multiple times!"' failed.

which appears to be triggered by the RegisterPass<Hello> X... line in the source (the error disappears if you comment that line out, though for obvious reasons the pass won't work if you do that). I've checked, there definitely isn't anything weird going on that would cause more than one instance of RegisterPass<Hello> to be seen by the compiler.

I am intending to have a go at writing probably several passes that will attempt a SPIN-like code to code transformation that turns llvm bitcode into another piece of llvm bitcode that, when run, has the effect of model-checking the original program. I won't get much done if I can't make any of my passes work, of course, so any tips would be gratefully appreciated at this point!

(I'm using the LLVM 2.0 release version).

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We have Hello pass in svn at


This is a working example. I will update documentation to include "char Hello::ID = 0".

It can also happen if you link *anything* from LLVM into the Hello.so.
Don't do that :slight_smile:


Reid Spencer wrote:

It can also happen if you link *anything* from LLVM into the Hello.so.
Don't do that :slight_smile:

I think this was probably it. I'm now up and running -- thanks for the help all.