[zorg] r173869 - Add an LLDB builder

(moving to lldb-dev)

Hi all,

I’ve debugged this to a bug in the Makefile for lldb-server. configure/make lldb-server is linking against the liblldb.so and CMake lldb-server is statically linking everything.

I could figure out how to fix it but I’m left to wonder… Can someone remind me why we have multiple build systems? (I think I’ve been told before but I can’t remember the answer.)

CMake can generate makefiles, ninja files and Visual Studio project files so if you really want make files you can get them there.

Maybe the solution is to drop configure/make support on Linux for lldb?



We have multiple build systems for reasons that are not related to LLDB. Certain users of LLVM need them. But my understanding is that even LLVM will kill the autoconf build by summer of this year.

As far as this builder is concerned, I believe the only reason it’s running autoconf is because nobody has made an equivalent CMake builder. If someone has the urge and/or cycles to make that happen, this autoconf builder could go away I believe.

Hi Rick,

Are you interested in fixing the Makefiles on Linux, switching to CMake or ?



Hi Dmitri/Rick,

Friendly ping.