1 week before 1.8 branch creation!


Sorry for the delay in this email. The 1.8 release has been pushed out 1 week, so today marks 1 week before I create the 1.8 branch.

I'm asking that all platform maintainers and available llvm developers review the nightly tester results. Please XFAIL any dejagnu tests that are currently failing, fix any warnings, and review the results of the full llvm test suite. If a test failure is determined to be something that needs to be fixed before the release, please fix it or file a bugzilla bug, and set the target to 1.8. Any enhancements scheduled for the 1.8 release should go in ASAP. This work should be completed before July 26th. Please email the list once you have finished.

I will be creating the 1.8 release branch on July 26th at 9:00PM PDT.

Reminder of Release Schedule:

* July 19, 2006: Email sent out asking platform maintainers to XFAIL tests, check for regression/file bugs, and check in any final stuff for the release.
* July 26, 2006: Code freeze and release branch created. Documentation review.
* August 2, 2006: Pre-release online for testing
* August 9, 2006: Release

If you have any questions, please let me know.