18.1.4 Released!

We are happy to announce that LLVM 18.1.4 is now released!

This includes the main LLVM project, and its subprojects including clang, lld, libc++, and MLIR.

Release Notes

  • Fixes an issue with Arm64EC code generation where calls to some intrinsics implemented in compiler-rt used the wrong name mangling, eventually resulting in unresolved symbol errors during linking.
  • Fixed an incorrect poison-generating flag preservation in InstSimplify. It will fix a miscompilation on RISCV, which turns the incorrect or disjoint into an add.
  • Save/restore routines for RV32E/RV64E are added to compiler-rt.
  • Fix regressions introduced in LLVM 18.1.3 in MIPS atomicrmw min/max codegen.


Find sources and binaries on GitHub .

A note on binaries

Binaries for the LLVM project are made by volunteers and will be uploaded when they have had time to test and build these binaries. They might not be available directly or not at all for each release. We suggest you use the binaries from your distribution or build your own if you rely on a specific platform or configuration.

Next release

Next release will be 18.1.5 on the 30th of April. Please file issues you find in 18.1.4 in the 18.x milestone .

Full Changelog

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