[3.8 Release] RC2 has been tagged

Dear testers,

Release Candidate 2 has just been tagged [1]. Please build, test, and
upload to the sftp.

I know there are still outstanding issues from RC1, but there have
been a lot of merges going into the branch and I think it's time for
another round of RC testing.

This RC comes a little behind schedule, sorry about that, but I'm
still optimistic about hitting the target of releasing towards the end
of February.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this release so far!


[1] http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-branch-commits/2016-February/009739.html


Failing Tests (9):
     MemorySanitizer :: Linux/forkpty.cc
     MemorySanitizer :: Linux/tcgetattr.cc
     MemorySanitizer-Unit :: Msan-x86_64-Test/MemorySanitizer.getmntent
     MemorySanitizer-Unit :: Msan-x86_64-Test/MemorySanitizer.getmntent_r
     MemorySanitizer-Unit :: Msan-x86_64-with-call-Test/MemorySanitizer.getmntent
     MemorySanitizer-Unit :: Msan-x86_64-with-call-Test/MemorySanitizer.getmntent_r
     Profile :: instrprof-error.c
     libc++ :: std/localization/locale.categories/category.ctype/locale.ctype.byname/types.pass.cpp
     libc++ :: std/localization/locales/locale/locale.cons/char_pointer.pass.cpp

   Expected Passes : 31177
   Expected Failures : 195
   Unsupported Tests : 527
   Unexpected Failures: 9


   Expected Passes : 31845
   Expected Failures : 209
   Unsupported Tests : 649

LNT ran clean in both cases.


ARM and AArch64 look good, uploaded. I'm not using any new distro, so
all the ABI issues are not showing, but they do exist in ARM/AArch64.


I've had some trouble getting compiler-rt to build on FreeBSD, but after a few minor hacks, I managed to make it build and test successfully for i386. For x86_64, however, there is still a problem in the tsan tests:

/tmp/gotsan.WXO5sLCzBa/gotsan.cc:(.text+0x22d9b): undefined reference to `__sanitizer::GetRSS()'
/tmp/gotsan.WXO5sLCzBa/gotsan.cc:(.text+0x22e7b): undefined reference to `__sanitizer::GetRSS()'
/tmp/gotsan.WXO5sLCzBa/gotsan.cc:(.text+0x22feb): undefined reference to `__sanitizer::GetRSS()'
clang-3.8: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
projects/compiler-rt/lib/tsan/CMakeFiles/GotsanRuntimeCheck.dir/build.make:50: recipe for target 'projects/compiler-rt/lib/tsan/CMakeFiles/GotsanRuntimeCheck' failed
gmake[3]: *** [projects/compiler-rt/lib/tsan/CMakeFiles/GotsanRuntimeCheck] Error 1

E.g., at some point, GetRSS() got added or split out, but there is no FreeBSD variant of this function. So for now I am probably going to attempt to disable tsan only, and continue with the rest of the build.


x86{-64}, ppc64{le} (with fix for PR26173), armv{6,7}, aarch64 looks
good on openSUSE.


What version of openSUSE are you testing on Ismail? I don’t want us to duplicate the work :slight_smile:

Hi Nikola,


I’ve uploaded clang+llvm-3.8.0-rc2-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.xz now.

Without assertions, I get:

Failing Tests (2):
    AddressSanitizer-x86_64-darwin :: TestCases/Posix/asan-symbolize-sanity-test.cc
    AddressSanitizer-x86_64h-darwin :: TestCases/Posix/asan-symbolize-sanity-test.cc

  Expected Passes : 31525
  Expected Failures : 188
  Unsupported Tests : 889
  Unexpected Failures: 2

With assertions, I get:

Failing Tests (11):
    AddressSanitizer-x86_64-darwin :: TestCases/Posix/asan-symbolize-sanity-test.cc
    AddressSanitizer-x86_64h-darwin :: TestCases/Posix/asan-symbolize-sanity-test.cc
    cfi :: anon-namespace.cpp
    cfi :: bad-cast.cpp
    cfi :: base-derived-destructor.cpp
    cfi :: multiple-inheritance.cpp
    cfi :: nvcall.cpp
    cfi :: overwrite.cpp
    cfi :: simple-fail.cpp
    cfi :: simple-pass.cpp
    cfi :: vdtor.cpp

  Expected Passes : 31697
  Expected Failures : 195
  Unsupported Tests : 715
  Unexpected Failures: 11

Same as RC1.


After disabling tsan for x86_64, the builds finally went OK, and all tests succeeded. So these tarballs now also have compiler-rt in them, though unfortunately still no libc++:

SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.8.0-rc2-amd64-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = d6a709e38aa274cc58130b755ef3c1c1fc34b36cc2bfcb6bfa4118b23b0c834e
SHA256 (clang+llvm-3.8.0-rc2-i386-unknown-freebsd10.tar.xz) = 840b3a391ef3dfec20ed5464230caad91f6431e655d0c6ae06cbabdd7ed12a73


Tested RC2 w/SLES11.3, x86_64. No regressions.

81c1ea3fafee883fbbd396779d1e62714304eff6 rc2/clang+llvm-3.8.0-rc2-linux-x86_64-sles11.3.tar.xz

Windows binaries are up: (sha1 sums)
23e18a4af76bed48ca8975a1b90b53b960508964 LLVM-3.8.0-rc2-win32.exe
87174857cdf76ac99b610672a3f721e4df300dda LLVM-3.8.0-rc2-win64.exe