Announcing the 2018 LLVM Developers' Meeting Program

The LLVM Foundation is excited to announce the program for the 2018 LLVM Developers' Meeting in San Jose, CA on October 17 & 18.

As a reminder, ticket prices for the event will increase on September 17th. Purchase your tickets today!

Full talk abstracts may be found here:

Technical Talks
  • Lessons Learned Implementing Common Lisp with LLVM over Six Years - Christian Schafmeister, Anastasia Stulova
  • Porting Function merging pass to thinlto - Aditya Kumar
  • Build Impact of Explicit and C++ Standard Modules - David Blaikie
  • Profile Guided Code Layout in LLVM and LLD - Michael Spencer
  • Developer Toolchain for the Nintendo Switch - Bob Campbell, Jeff Sirois
  • Methods for Maintaining OpenMP Semantics without Being Overly Conservative - Jin Lin, Ernesto Su, Xinmin Tian
  • Understanding the performance of code using LLVM's Machine Code Analyzer (llvm-mca) - Andrea Di Biagio, Matt Davis
  • Art Class for Dragons: Supporting GPU compilation without metadata hacks! - Neil Hickey
  • Implementing an OpenCL compiler for CPU in LLVM - Evgeniy Tyurin
  • Working with Standalone Builds of LLVM sub-projects - Tom Stellard
  • Loop Transformations in LLVM: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Michael Kruse, Hal Finkel
  • Efficiently Implementing Runtime Metadata with LLVM - Joe Groff, Doug Gregor
  • Coroutine Representations and ABIs in LLVM - John McCall
  • Glow: LLVM-based machine learning compiler - Nadav Rotem, Jakob Olesen
  • Graph Program Extraction and Device Partitioning in Swift for TensorFlow - Mingsheng Hong, Chris Lattner
  • Memory Tagging, how it improves C++ memory safety, and what does it mean for compiler optimizations - Kostya Serebryany, Evgenii Stepanov, Vlad Tsyrklevich
  • Improving code reuse in clang tools with clangmetatool - Daniel Ruoso
  • Sound Devirtualization in LLVM - Piotr Padlewski, Krzysztof Pszeniczny
  • Extending the SLP vectorizer to support variable vector widths - Vasileios Porpodas, Rodrigo C. O. Rocha, Luís F. W. Góes
  • Revisiting Loop Fusion, and its place in the loop transformation framework. - Johannes Doerfert, Kit Barton, Hal Finkel, Michael Kruse
  • Optimizing Indirections, using abstractions without remorse. - Johannes Doerfert, Hal Finkel
  • Outer Loop Vectorization in LLVM: Current Status and Future Plans - Florian Hahn, Satish Guggilla, Diego Caballero
  • Stories from RV: The LLVM vectorization ecosystem - Simon Moll, Matthias Kurtenacker, Sebastian Hack
  • Faster, Stronger C++ Analysis with the Clang Static Analyzer - George Karpenkov, Artem Dergachev
  • Updating ORC JIT for Concurrency - Lang Hames, Breckin Loggins
  • Register Allocation: More than Coloring - Matthias Braun
  • How to use LLVM to optimize your parallel programs - William S. Moses
  • LLVM backend development by example (RISC-V) - Alex Bradbury
Birds of a Feather
  • Debug Info BoF - Vedant Kumar, Adrian Prantl
  • Lifecycle of LLVM bug reports - Kristof Beyls, Paul Robinson
  • GlobalISel Design and Development - Amara Emerson
  • Migrating to C++14, and beyond! - JF Bastien
  • Ideal versus Reality: Optimal Parallelism and Offloading Support in LLVM - Xinmin Tian, Hal Finkel, TB Schardl, Johannes Doerfert, Vikram Adve
  • Implementing the parallel STL in libc++ - Louis Dionne
  • Clang Static Analyzer BoF - Devin Coughlin
  • LLVM Foundation BoF - LLVM Foundation Board of Directors
Lightning Talks
  • Automatic Differentiation in C/C++ Using Clang Plugin Infrastructure - Vassil Vassilev, Aleksandr Efremov
  • More efficient LLVM devs: 1000x faster build file generation, -j1000 builds, and O(1) test execution - Nico Weber
  • Heap-to-Stack Conversion - Hal Finkel
  • TWINS - This Workflow is Not Scrum: Adapting Agile for Open Source Interaction - Joshua Magee
  • Mutating the clang AST from Plugins - Andrei Homescu, Per Larsen
  • atJIT: an online, feedback-directed optimizer for C++ - Kavon Farvardin, Hal Finkel, Michael Kruse, John Reppy
  • Repurposing GCC Regression for LLVM Based Tool Chains - Jeremy Bennett, Simon Cook, Ed Jones
  • ThinLTO Summaries in JIT Compilation - Stefan Gränitz
  • Refuting False Bugs in the Clang Static Analyzer using SMT Solvers - Mikhail R. Gadelha
  • What’s New In Outlining - Jessica Paquette
  • DWARF v5 Highlights - Why You Care - Paul Robinson, Pavel Labath, Wolfgang Pieb
  • Using TAPI to Understand APIs and Speed Up Builds - Steven Wu, Juergen Ributzka
  • Hardware Interference Size - JF Bastien
  • Dex: efficient symbol index for Clangd - Kirill Bobyrev, Eric Liu, Sam McCall, Ilya Biryukov
  • Flang Update - Steve Scalpone
  • clang-doc: an elegant generator for more civilized documentation - Julie Hockett
  • Code Coverage with CPU Performance Monitoring Unit - Ivan Baev, Bharathi Seshadri, Stefan Pejic
  • VecClone Pass: Function Vectorization via LoopVectorizer - Matt Masten, Evgeniy Tyurin, Konstantina Mitropoulou
  • ISL Memory Management Using Clang Static Analyzer - Malhar Thakkar, Ramakrishna Upadrasta
  • Eliminating always_inline in libc++: a journey of visibility and linkage - Louis Dionne
  • Error Handling in Libraries: A Case Study - James Henderson
  • Gaining fine-grain control over pass management - serge guelton, adrien guinet, pierrick brunet, juan manuel martinez, béatrice creusillet
  • Integration of OpenMP, libcxx and libcxxabi packages into LLVM toolchain - Reshabh Sharma
  • Improving Debug Information in LLVM to Recover Optimized-out Function Parameters - Ananthakrishna Sowda, Djordje Todorovic, Nikola Prica, Ivan Baev
  • Automatic Compression for LLVM RISC-V - Sameer AbuAsal, Ana Pazos
  • Guaranteeing the Correctness of LLVM RISC-V Machine Code with Fuzzing - Jocelyn Wei, Ana Pazos, Mandeep Singh Grang
  • NEC SX-Aurora - A Scalable Vector Architecture - Kazuhisa Ishizaka, Kazushi Marukawa, Erich Focht, Simon Moll, Matthias Kurtenacker, Sebastian Hack
  • Guaranteeing the Correctness of LLVM RISC-V Machine Code with Fuzzing - Jocelyn Wei, Ana Pazos, Mandeep Singh Grang
  • NEC SX-Aurora - A Scalable Vector Architecture - Kazuhisa Ishizaka, Kazushi Marukawa, Erich Focht, Simon Moll, Matthias Kurtenacker, Sebastian Hack
  • Extending Clang Static Analyzer to enable Cross Translation Unit Analysis - Varun Subramanian
  • Leveraging Polyhedral Compilation in Chapel Compiler - Siddharth Bhat, Michael Ferguson, Philip Pfaffe, Sahil Yerawar