Announcing the 2022 EuroLLVM Program

I’m pleased to announce the 2022 EuroLLVM Developers’ Meeting Program!


MCA Daemon: Hybrid Throughput Analysis Beyond Basic Blocks - Min-Yih Hsu (University of California, Irvine

Finding Missed Optimizations Through the Lens of Dead Code Elimination - Theodoros Theodoridis (ETH Zurich)

Technical Talks

Faust audio Domain Specific Language and LLVM - Stéphane Letz and Yann Orlarey (GRAME)

Lightweight Instrumentation using Debug Information - Ellis Hoag and Kyungwoo Lee (Meta)

Custom benefit-driven inliner in Falcon JIT - Artur Pilipenko (Azul)

How to write a new compiler driver? The LLVM Flang perspective. - Andrzej Warzynski (Arm)

LLD for Mach-O: The Journey - Jez Ng (Meta); Nico Weber (Google LLC)

ez-clang C++ REPL for bare metal embedded devices - Stefan Gränitz (Freelance)

SCEV-Based debuginfo salvaging in Loop Strength Reduction - Chris Jackson (Graphcore)

Developing an LLVM backend for the KV3 Kalray VLIW core - Cyril Six (Kalray)

Hardware loops in the IPU backend - Janek van Oirschot (Graphcore)

Prototyping a Compiler for Homomorphic Encryption Using MLIR - Juneyoung Lee (CryptoLab)

Introduction to the IPU graph compiler and the use of LLVM - David Bozier and Thomas Preud’homme (Graphcore)

Introduction to Graphcore IPU and Poplar Graph framework - David Bozier and Ayshe Kuran (Graphcore)

Experiences of OS distributions using LLVM as their main toolchain - Bernhard Rosenkränzer (Huawei Open Source Technology Center)


Precise Polyhedral Analyses For MLIR using the FPL Presburger Library - Arjun Pitchanathan (University of Edinburgh); Kunwar Shaanjeet Singh Grover (IIIT Hyderabad); Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh)

Lightning Talks

llsoftsecbook: an open source book on low-level software security for compiler developers - Kristof Beyls (Arm)

LLVM office hours: addressing LLVM engagement and contribution barriers - Kristof Beyls (Arm)

Exploring Clang/LLVM optimization on programming horror - Matthieu Dubet

Quick Talks

Improving debug locations for variables in memory - Orlando Cazalet-Hyams (SN Systems (Sony Interactive Entertainment))

LLVM-MOS 6502 Backend: Having a Blast in the Past - Daniel Thornburgh (Google)

How to Make Hardware with Maths: An Introduction to CIRCT’s Scheduling Infrastructure - Julian Oppermann (Technical University of Darmstadt); Mike Urbach (SiFive); John Demme (Microsoft)

Student Technical Talks

Extending Sulong (an LLVM bitcode runtime) for cross-language interoperability between C++/Swift and Java, JavaScript or Python - Christoph Pichler (Johannes Kepler University, Linz)

Using link-time call graph embedding to streamline compiler-assisted instrumentation selection - Sebastian Kreutzer (TU Darmstadt)

Automated Batching and Differentiation of Scalar Code in Enzyme - Tim Gymnich and Ludger Paehler (Technical University of Munich); William Moses and Valentin Churavy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

As a reminder, Registration is open but limited to 150 attendees: 2022 European LLVM Developers' Meeting

I also want to give a huge thank you to the Program Advisory Committee - Mehdi Amini,
Ehsan Amiri, Ivan Baev, Jonas Devlieghere, Renato Golin, Petr Hosek, Jakub Kuderski, Nuno P. Lopes, Jeremy Morse, Diana Picus.


The agenda is now on the event site:

Also, check out the list of speakers!


Hi Tanya, I guess post-processing the recordings will take a while. Will slides be published and linked in The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project earlier? Are you going to announce completion here or in a separate post? Thanks

Our contract with the video crew is for 1 month after the event. They can come in sooner.

I can post here when completed.

I think slides will be very handy even when the videos will be uploaded.
I think also that the slides should be uploaded, if possible, before the sessions so the session will be much more efficient.

I rarely get all the slides before the conference and presenters are also updating them even after first submitting to me. Even after the conference, it can take me weeks to get all the slides for a wide variety of reasons.

So yes, in an ideal world, it would be great to get them before the session. I just don’t see that being possible.

Not sure if I understood correctly, will the slides be published any time soon? (i.e. before the recordings?)

In case anyone else is following the thread: slides and recordings started to land on the official meeting page The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project :+1:

The videos came in on Friday and I’m almost done getting them all published. I’m still missing slides from several presenters, so trying to get them.

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