Any idea on translate x86 assembly to LLVM IR?

> *I'am now considering converting x86 machine assembly into LLVM*
> *IR, does anyone know about any existing project or resource*
> *related to this area? Any difficulities or any ideas on this?*

During Google Summer of Code 2007 I was working on llvm-qemu, which
translates from ARM machine code to LLVM IR (at basic block level)
and via the LLVM JIT to x86 machine code. All source
architectures supported by qemu (x86, x86-64, ARM, SPARC, PowerPC, MIPS, m68k)

can be translated to LLVM IR this
way (e.g. adding support for x86 to llvm-qemu should be almost trivial).

You can find llvm-qemu at 


Tilmann Scheller