Qestion about running LLVM

Hi, Chris,

Note, i'm responding to the list in case others are wondering this.

I noticed that LLVM has only frontends to compile C/C++ source programs
to LLVM intermediate representation (IR). Is there any frontend tool that
can translate binary files (ex. x86 executibles) to LLVM IR? Or is it
unlikely from engineering sense 'cause LLVM IR is richer than machine

There was a group that was working on an Alpha -> LLVM translator, but I
don't know what the status of it is. In theory, it should be possible to
translate machine code to LLVM, but it's a large engineering effort
(particularly for an architecture like X86 with a big ISA).

Given a machine code to LLVM translator, it should be possible to do
binary translation stuff directly with LLVM.