Any open source projects available?

I’m a gsoc contributor for GNU, and my goal is to get into open source projects for Clang, and other compiler toolchains , I wanted to start off with rustc and clang as I was a bit familiar with those, and worked on them throughout my gsoc project, but wanted to shift towards Clang. Currently I was wondering if there are any open projects I could start working on similar to any of the ones offered as gsoc ideas this year?

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Welcome! We have a page that details several open projects you could consider: Clang - Open Projects. I think some of these projects are intended to be a pairing between a mentor and one or more mentees, so some of them might require more effort than others. We also have a good first issue label on our issue tracker, in case you’d like to start off by fixing issues to get familiar with the code base.

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Will go through these projects, once I start working on specific issues, firstly:

For any help with starting off discourse would be the best option? And once the first issue has been resolved is there a specific process to pair up with a mentor?

Is there a similar page for LLVM JIT projects where there is a mentor mentee pairing etc as well?

Discourse is one option for asking for help, and we also have some folks active on Discord and IRC. We have also started a new initiative of holding office hours; people holding these office hours tend to have specific topics they’re well-versed in and this can be a way to get some questions answered as well.

Once you have the issue resolved, you’ll want to submit a patch for it.

Note: outside of GSoC or other official community projects, we don’t really have an explicit mentor/mentee program to pair newcomers up with veteran contributors. Instead, it’s pretty organic – you’ll submit a patch and the code reviewers on the patch will give you feedback and help to get the patch ready to be committed. However, we strive to be a friendly bunch, so if you have questions, use the services above to ask for help and hopefully people will be able to give you advice and suggestions.

The LLVM open projects page does have some JIT-related entries, but as with Clang, there’s not really an explicit mentor/mentee pairing except for community-wide endeavors like GSoC.

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Hi @Vedant23,

Thanks for reaching out!

AFAICT, The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project is open.