[GSoC] Unclamied GSoC Projects


I participated in GSoC 2023, but not with LLVM. If there are 2023 projects that no one is working on, would we be able to work on them outside of the GSoC timeframe with the specific project mentors? Or are these projects reserved specifically for GSoC? (e.g. I was curious about working on [Clang] Modules build daemon: build system agnostic support for explicitly built modules in my free time). If this is possible, what would be the appropriate way to communicate with the mentors?


Hello and welcome!

I think it’s fine to work on these projects outside of GSoC in principle. However, folks who sign up to be mentors for GSoC often have to set aside time specifically to be a mentor, and since you’d be working outside of GSoC timelines, you’ll have to find out whether the listed mentor is interested in doing so. Some mentors may have the bandwidth to be a mentor, others may only be able to give occasional help on reviews/etc, and still others may not have the bandwidth at all. You’ll likely have to reach out to mentors privately via email (or DM on Discord, here on Discourse, etc) to see. In the event you’re not able to find a mentor, you might have to try going at it alone and then asking the community for help when you run into roadblocks. We’ve got Discord, Discourse, IRC, and open office hours as mechanisms to get feedback outside of the review itself.