Apply for the ownership of the AVR backend

Hello, every administrator of LLVM,

May I ask to to become the code owner of the AVR backend, and be listed in llvm/CODE_OWNER.txt ?

The original code owner Dylan McKay (♟ dylanmckay) has been silent for over 16 months, and I have made many commits during Dylan’s silent period.


  1. Clang+LLVM+CompilerRT+LLD for AVR are fully functioning, without any dependency on the GNU tool chain,

  2. many bugs are fixed (Issues · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub )

  3. most functionalities of avr-gcc/avr-binutils are ported to clang+llvm. (avr-gcc - GCC Wiki )

  4. some minor spots still exist, which I will continue to fix

Dylan also supports my application, which I have confirmed that via his email.

So I apply for the code ownership, to facilitate my futhre work.

Ben Shi


Here is the owner change patch: ⚙ D150519 [AVR][NFC] Change the owner of the AVR backend

Sounds good to me. I’ve sent a number of patches to the AVR backend that got reviewed by @benshi001 (and vice versa), and I’ve had thorough reviews on those. I think @benshi001 will be a good maintainer.

Makes sense to me as well. Given there are no objections so far, please land your patch. Congratulations and thank you for stepping up!


Thanks for all of your trusts !