Array access dependencies

Hi all

I am relatively new to LLVM and I am still trying to work my way through. What I am trying to implement is a list of array access and indices of the same within loops. I can then probably try to work on dependencies they can have.

I have already got all the Basic blocks in a loop and I am looking at load & store instructions to reconstruct array access (casting GEP instructions).

I tried the default dependence analysis to get probable dependencies but it was of no use.

Is there a more graceful way of looking for array accesses or reconstructing them for that matter.

Any help would be appreciated


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At the last LLVM Developer's Meeting, there was a talk about LLVM
dependency analyses: 2020 LLVM Developers’ Meeting: S. Baziotis & S. Moll “Finding Your Way Around the LLVM Dependence..” - YouTube



Hopefully the video Michael posted will help you, thanks for posting. It’s more useful to the user of these passes than the developer I guess (it describes
the theoretical background, hurdles of the implementation etc.). But the two passes we describe, DependenceAnalysis and MemorySSA, have very clean
interfaces so you shouldn’t have a problem in that matter. You probably want to look at DependenceAnalysis for array accesses.

Reconstructing array accesses from LLVM IR and / or performing dependence analysis on them is quite difficult
because a lot of info from the front-end has been lost. I mention it in the talk in the talk and you can also
see a recent post in the mailing list:

That said DependenceAnalysis will help you if what you do is not super fancy and you are not interested in run-time checks.


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Thanks a ton for your replies. I’ll go through the video and the links provided.