Bay Area LLVM Meetup - Restarting it

Hello all!

I’d like to restart the LLVM Bay Area meetup. Is anyone interested in helping out or leading this effort? I think finding a venue that has outdoor seating would be good given COVID concerns. I have a few ideas:

  • Los Altos State Street Market: Has outdoor seating and attendees can order and pay for their own food.
  • Community Centers: We can order food and utilize community spaces for our meetup. This would give the group more privacy and the ability to mingle with others easier. I have looked at centers in Los Altos and Palo Alto, so there are some options.
  • San Pedro Square Market: They have a variety of spaces we could reserve for this meetup. Attendees can order their own food from a variety of restaurants.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know!

Tagging the previous meetup organizers: @chandlerc @gburgessiv


State street market is pretty nice, and also has a bunch of different food options.

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Big +1 for a space where folks can order and pay for their own food. I think that’s much more sustainable long-term and gives more flexibility, even though past events were nice in that they were often covered.

One thing to check is that it’d be good to allow folks to bring their own food (or attend w/o eating) if the options are expensive or may not include food folks can eat.

The other historical factor had been access to transit options which are very limited in the SF bay area sadly. Downtown Mountain View was specifically suggested years ago because of access to both light rail and caltrain. But I’m not sure about spaces that are as well set up as the two markets mentioned.

Don Giovanni’s in downtown Mountain View on Castro Street:

  1. is close by where the previous Bay Area meetup was help.
  2. has the space (They have a large banquet hall on the side, up to maybe 70 to 100 people, and a small banquet area in the back 25-40 people).
  3. they have a $45/person menu for dinner.
  4. their food is great.

I know some senior folks @ Google that might be willing to help fund the event; I’d be happy to drive setting that all up and helping organize these again. I found them to be tremendously helpful in the past.


I’d love for this to come back Nick, thank you so much for stepping up to help catalyze it!


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Ok, I’ve “run the numbers” with my director. Waiting to hear back on the budget allocation. Stay tuned.

The last time I attended a Bay Area social, it was massive, and I ended up sitting with some people who barely knew what LLVM was; they just knew there was free food and beer. So a mild -1 to a fully free event.