Building llvm and clang sources

Hello Team,
I was successfully able to run cmake on llvm and clang sources using visual studio as the generator and then I used the visual studio solution to successfully build the executables.

Where as when I run cmake using the “mingw makefiles” as the generator the make file gets generated successfully ,but building of the executables fails when mingw32-make is run on the generated make file.For some versions of mingw(5.1) it results in compilation errors and for some versions (8.2) it stops while trying to link LTO.dll.

So I would like to know if it is possible to run cmake and build the executables using a non visual studio generator.
If yes which all generators are supported?
If no do llvm/clang sources internally have dependencies on the visual studio generator?

Thanks in advance.

Did you try the 'Ninja' generator. That might help if the issue is
with 'mingw32-make'.

Generally, it would be useful if you showed what the error message was.