Bytecode Format

I'm the guy who is working on the LLVM bytecode documentation. The document I have at present just supports the bytecodes my code generator processes, though, which is far from all of them. As I get farther along with my code generator I expect I'll get to the point where everything kind of fits together for me and I can finish it up. In the meantime, people are welcome to what I have so far.

-- Robert.

Robert Mykland Voice: (831) 462-6725

If you wish, we can add it as a work-in-progress now so that others can
at least have a starting point with the bytecode reader, and you can
send us patches as you go along, and we'll update them in CVS and on the

If you want to take that route, just open a Bugzilla report for this,
attach patches to it as you go, and watch them automagically get

Thank you!

This would also be useful because I have recently made several (hopefully
the last for a long time) minor changes to the bytecode to make them a bit
smaller (another 20% or so for large programs). If your document was in
CVS, I could update it as I made changes. :slight_smile:


Will do. Give me a couple of days to find time to pretty up what I have, then I'll submit it.

-- Robert.