LLVM 1.5 Release Plan

Dear All,

First, we're pushing back the creation of the release branch until tonight. This means two things:

1. If you want something to go into LLVM 1.5, you have until I create the release branch to get it in. I am tentatively scheduling this for 5:00 pm today (CST).

2. If you don't want something to go into LLVM 1.5, please refrain from adding it until I create the release branch. For example, please don't add regression tests for features that you have not implemented yet.

My suggestion is to only commit bug fixes. Please don't add anything new.

Second, I would like to recuit people to help with reviewing the documentation. Right now all we need to do is to make sure that the documents accurately describe LLVM 1.5. Here's my list of suggestions about how to divy up the reviewing:

LLVM Reference Manual
How to Build the C/C++ Frontend
LLVM Test Suite Manual

LLVM Command Guide (note changes to llc command line options)
LLVM Lexicon

Release Notes
Writing an LLVM Backend

Bytecode Format Guide
Compiler Driver (llvmc) Guide
LLVM Makefile Guide

LLVM Getting Started Guide

Writing an LLVM Pass

Jeff Cohen:
Getting Started Guide for MS Visual Studio

If you can volunteer to review the docs listed under your name, please email the list and let us know. Also, feel free to volunteer even if your name isn't listed or you want to review a document other than the ones listed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help so far, everybody!

-- John T.

Done. There are a few more code changes I want to make in the X86 backend, then I'll start hacking on the release notes.


These two are done. No changes. Seems these were maintained fairly well.
There also hasn't been much activity in these areas.

The Bytecode Format is another matter .. still looking at it.


Okay, the bytecode format update is done now.


John Criswell wrote:

Jeff Cohen:
Getting Started Guide for MS Visual Studio


I think the others have done a great job with the first one, and they
are much more qualified to do it than I am. I sprinkled the second one
with some fresh links to other docs.

I corrected a few grammaros in the Release Notes. As far as content
goes, I believe it is pretty complete. There are several minor features
that were implemented and not mentioned, but that's probably okay.