C++11 in LLVM/Clang - NOT YET!


There has been quite a lot of C++11 commits breaking builds and bots
around, and I'd like to remember everyone that we still haven't
changed the buildbots to handle the new standard.

Please, *do NOT* use C++11 until *all* first-class target buildbots
have been changed to use -std=c++11.

People have worked towards support in autoconf and CMake but I still
haven't seen an email clearing the way, and I think we all should just
wait until such an email comes before *any* C++11 dependent feature
comes in.

I have heard on IRC that there were some issues with versions of
libstdc++, which even with C++11 supporting compilers things were
still failing. We need to clear those up, first.

Thanks for your understanding.


And just to give a concrete "next step", I'm trying to clear my "day job"
list of things to do, at which point fixing the last of these will be at
the top of my stack. The primary thing is to document *exactly* how to get
a correct hosting environment set up on Linux/BSDs for use after this
switch, some basic guidelines about what C++11 features to use, and then