[Call for Participation] 1st Enzyme Workshop February 22-24, Boulder CO

The first workshop on Enzyme (LLVM Incubator Project) is finally taking up shape, and is taking place from February 22-24 at CU Boulder, CO (USA). The CfP is out, and we invite all of you to please submit your proposals until the 6th of January.

No matter whether you are already using Enzyme, are considering to use Enzyme in a future project, or have a new application propose, we want to hear from you!

The deadline for the CfP is the 6th of January with 5 main contribution formats:

  • Technical Talks
  • Tutorials
  • Panel Discussions
  • Roundtables
  • Other formats such as live programming or brainstorming sessions

We are all super excited to hear from you, your use-cases, and are looking forward to an exciting workshop!


Attention: The deadline for extended abstracts has been extended to the 13th of January!

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The registration is now open.

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Full schedule with abstracts and author names is now available here.

Wednesday, February 22

  • 12:15pm — Registration Starts
  • 1:15pm — Opening
  • 1:30pm — Session 1: Enzyme Applications
    • PSDR-Enzyme: Physics-Based Differentiable Rendering Using Enzyme
    • Automatic Differentiation in Solid Mechanics: Interpretation and Composition
    • Differentiating Large-Scale Finite Element Applications with MFEM
    • A Cross-Language Probabilistic Programming Protocol for Physics and Beyond
    • Numba-Enzyme: A Differentiable JIT-ed Python
  • 3:30pm — Cofee Break
  • 4:00pm — Enzyme Tutorial
  • 5:00pm — Hackathon and Spontaneous Roundtables

Thursday, February 23

  • 9:00am — Session 2: Lessons from AD Tools
    • A survey of Tapenade in contrast with Enzyme
    • NIFTy: The Why and How of Building AD from Scratch
    • AD with Integrals
  • 10:30am — Coffee Break
  • 11:00am — Roundtables
    • DJ4Earth: Oceans, ice sheets, adjoints, and AD
  • 12:00pm — Lunch
  • 1:30pm — Session 3: Enzyme in Modern Programming Languages
    • Accelerating Black Hole Imaging with Enzyme
    • Differentiable molecular simulation with Molly.jl
    • Adjoint Checkpointing using Custom Differentiation Rules
    • Oxide-Enzyme - Integrating Enzyme into the Rust compiler
  • 3:30pm — Coffee Break
  • 4:00pm — Session 4: Enzyme Extensions
    • Compilation Augmentation Enables High-Performance Batch Differentiation
    • Hackable Autodiff: Extending Enzyme to MLIR for Reverse Mode Gradients
    • Autodiff semantics and the level of abstraction
  • 5:30pm — Hackathon and Spontaneous Roundtables

Friday, February 24

  • 8:30am — Hackathon day

Most of the workshop presentations are being recorded and available on the YouTube livestream:

EnzymeCon ~ Day 1 - YouTube.
EnzymeCon ~ Day 2 - YouTube.