Cancelled - Mar. 30 Flang Biweekly Call

Hello fellow Flang developers! Both Pat and I will be unavailable during our call time next week. Since the WebEx session needs one or other of us to be present, we will cancel this particular occurrence of the meeting. If there are pressing issues to discuss, please reach out either on Discourse or on Slack. Alternatively, if the issue can wait a few days, I’m sure there will be discussion opportunities during the regularly scheduled Flang Technical Call the following Monday at 8:30 Pacific time. Cheers! --Alexis


Hi,I just want to know where can I get the meeting schedule for the flang community.
or how can I join the Discourse or Slack group?


Here’s you go:

Thanks a lot!

BTW, I can’t join Slack by that link. can you send it again or invite me?
my account

Slack would not let me process the invitation.


alright, that’s fine

Thanks again.

Notes are available in google docs. Sharing the links here.
Flang biweekly community call:
Flang biweekly technical call: Flang Community Technical Call - Notes - Google Docs
OpenMP for Flang biweekly call:

The Flang biweekly community call is organized by @AlexisPerry. A monthly summary of the calls is shared with the Fortran community through the Fortran-lang newsletter. The latest edition can be found using this link.

Maybe Alexis can consider making the google doc containing the Minutes and Agenda public by default.

I don’t think there was a deliberate intent to keep people out. I can check during the call this Wednesday to see whether the google doc can be made public by default.

Thanks for the feedback, @MehdiChinoune !

I think that you are exaggerating. From my experience, requesting access to Google docs via e-mail is a fairly common practice.

People usually put such measures in place as form of protection. IMO, there’s nothing unusual here.

That Google doc pre-dates the transition to Discourse and (AFAIK) nobody has ever suggested using anything else.

It is not - please, assume good intent. Alexis has been kindly chairing the calls for us and making sure that we are a welcoming and an inclusive community. If you feel that we could improve, then please suggest that in either a dedicated post or in one of our calls :wink:


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The Flang Community Biweekly Talk notes are public and you have basically the same info.

I tried to make the doc generally public, but couldn’t find the option. I was surprised!

Moving to a discourse newsletter is likely a good option.

When I created the document I wanted to make it completely public, but unfortunately I ran into an institutional policy that forbids me from doing so. Since most (if not all) of the other Flang-related calls use Google Docs for disseminating notes, I felt it was best to keep the same workflow and use Google Docs anyway with the idea that I would grant access to anyone who asked me for it unless it was an obvious bot. Gary, the former host of the calls, used to send a copy of the notes out on the mailing list and I continued this practice until I went on maternity leave. When I came back to work I found that no one had been sending this extra copy of the notes out, and since there hadn’t been any complaints I assumed that this was the new way of doing business (Google Doc only).

Even so, problems still exist with this approach. The extra hoop to jump through can be annoying even if it doesn’t take long to handle. Moreover, there are some companies who do not allow their employees to use Google Docs at all. I’ve had several people request access to the document (which I immediately granted) only to find out that they can’t log in to see it afterwards, being blocked by some institutional wall. It’s this latter point that most concerns me, as I do not want to deliberately put up barriers to collaboration.

So, there seem to be two paths here. First, if someone else’s institution is not as conservative in their use of Google Docs then that person can host the document and we’ll just copy over the old notes and update the links in the documentation. Since the document will then be truly public, I will still be able to edit it as I need to prepare for the calls. Second, we could keep the document where it is and go back to sending out a copy of the notes after each call, but now on Discourse since the mailing list is no more. This latter option creates slightly more work for me, but since it’s a very small time commitment I’m not opposed to doing so.

What do people think about these options?


@MehdiChinoune I am afraid your messages are coming across as a bit blunt. I am assuming this might be because English is not your first language. (It is not mine either)
In this case, Alexis offered a couple of solutions and you have not responded to either of them to resolve the issue you are facing. While it is fine to criticise, it is only possible to resolve issues if you constructively engage.

@AlexisPerry both solutions are fine with me. The second has the advantage that existing users do not have to change any bookmarks they have of the current google doc. If the first one (creating a new public doc) is the choice then I can create a public doc and share it. Thanks for the detailed reply explaining the issue.

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I second Kiran and would also appreciate more constructive feedback.

Thanks for the detailed explanation Alexis. That’s ^^^ a good reason to go for Option 1 (less work for you) :slight_smile: Kiran, thanks for volunteering to host the doc!

At the April 27 Wednesday biweekly call it sounded like there would be no objection to combining the Wednesday biweekly call notes into the notes from the Technical Community biweekly call (already public).

I merged the documents last night. You should be able to find Alexis’s notes interspersed with the Technical Call notes now.

Looking at the Google doc outline should help with navigating the history.

They can be found at the usual location for Johannes’s notes: Combined Flang Community Call Notes