Clang/LLVM documentation.

I want to thank you for all of the great work on Clang/LLVM.

But, I need to complain about your documentation.

I am getting the doc from here, for example.

If that is not the latest and greatest, please let me know.

1 - Very few of the functions have a description of any kind.

I know this is a lot of work, but how long has Clang been around?

2 - If the argument list to a function is too long,

and you are zoomed in too far (for readability) it drives the

right most columns off the right hand edge of the page.

For example:

Recommendation: Set some upper limit and add new-lines after commas

in the argument list. Or use a table.

3 - The return-type for functions is not part of the function list.

For a beginner, that is just as valuable as the name, argument list and description.

I assume Doxygen could be ordered to include the return type.

I compare your documentation with that for the Qt class library.

Their doc is very good. Here is the Qt string class, for example:

Qt includes the return type, prominently.

Qt wraps long argument lists. (I think they use a table so they get that for free.)

Qt documents every function.

Yes, Qt is a commercial product, but it offers the (L)GPL and is contributed

to greatly by the outside world.