[clang-tidy] Check for paranoic code (pointer checking)


i think this check should be in clang-tidy. More checks are better and one should configure clang-tidy in my opinion.

On the topic of other ideas for checks:

  • Yes. There is a buglist with open ideas.
  • There is currently work on a new safety-module that tries to implement parts of the High Integrity C++ Codingstandard and other usefull checks for code safety.
    → my personal TODO List on that: https://github.com/JonasToth/HighIntegrityTooling
  • Other Coding Standards have there part as well
  • the CppCoreGuidelines are IMHO an interesting topic as well.

You can look at each module and try start with simpler checks if you want. I think there is a lot of low hanging fruit left.
But consider looking for already existing checks and modify them, make them configurable and so on :slight_smile:

All the best. Jonas