clang-tools-extra: cmake build broken on 3.7.0

After considerably more effort than expected I've added clang-tools-extra
to FreeBSD's LLVM 3.7 package. I found that both extracting the tarball
directly in llvm/tools and symlinking it in failed to build due to
missing clang headers and generated .inc files. This rather blunt patch
fixes build with direct extracts/checkouts in llvm/tools, but is almost
certainly the wrong approach. It would be nice if someone who knows
cmake better than I do could find a better solution and merge it for

-- Brooks

Isn't it supposed to go under clang's tools directory?


Yes it is. For building the 3.7.0 release packages, I extracted the llvm projects like so:

llvm: .
cfe: ./tools/clang
clang-tools-extra: ./tools/clang/tools/extra
compiler-rt: ./projects/compiler-rt
libcxx: ./projects/libcxx
libcxxabi: ./projects/libcxxabi
libunwind: ./projects/libunwind
test-suite: ./projects/test-suite


Oh, that's makes sense, but was quite confusing and wasted a lot of time.

Could some CMake expert please make my mistake result in some sort of
sane CMake error? I know of at least one other person who got tripped
up by this.

-- Brooks