[PATCH] Allow libc++ to be built in the LLVM tree under the "runtime" subdir


Attached are patched to LLVM and libcxx to allow libc++ to be built with CMake from within the LLVM tree.

The libc++ part is just some renaming as the variable ${headers} was already in use, conflicting with something else in the LLVM tree.

The LLVM part copied the directory scanning code in the “projects” subdir to add all existing subdirectories to the build.

Please comment or apply, thanks!


PS: I’m not subscribed to the list, so please CC me when replying, thank you.

libcxxinllvmtree_libcxx.patch.txt (1.9 KB)

libcxxinllvmtree_llvm.patch.txt (450 Bytes)

I've committed the libc++ part of this in revision 153036. I would prefer that someone else take care of the llvm part.


I don't do cmake, but you do and it looks pretty trivial :slight_smile:


I’ll take care of it later today. I’ve been meaning to test and get this setup working for some time.