CompileUnit missing


the core of my issue is that I can not step into my code (which is a library produced by some CMake wizzardry). When I do a lookup with lldb, this is what I get:

(lldb) image lookup --address 0x2f1f88 --verbose
      Address: MyApp[0x00209f88] (MyApp.__TEXT.__text + 2099512)
      Summary: MyApp`foobar
       Module: file = "/Users/below/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/iOSFramework-caxzowzbpppqvyglcwsdwtxbklke/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/", arch = "armv7"
       Symbol: id = {0x00023b5a}, range = [0x002f1f88-0x002f2148), name="MyApp"

I would expect a "CompileUnit" here, pointing to my source file, but that can not be found.

What flags are responsible for generating this? Is this a visibility issue (it's a C function)?

Where can I start digging to find out what's wrong?



Did you build that library yourself, and did you ensure it was built with debug information? Also, did you leave its build directory in place (I often see error messages about the object files related to code being loaded in lldb, which I never saw with gdb).


You must build with -g for debug info.

Thank you! In the mess that is Cmake I missed that