Creating a new repository for release branch pull requests


We’ve been using the llvmbot/llvm-project repository to host pull requests for our new automated release workflow. We decided to use this repository to avoid creating extra notification for people watching the llvm/llvm-project repo and also to avoid confusion, since we don’t use pull request for code review.

Recently, GitHub has given us access to some more powerful runners to use with GitHub actions, which is great, but these new runners are only available to repositories owned by the llvm organization. So, we will need to modify our release process to use an llvm org owned repo instead of the llvmbot owned one.

The easiest way to do this would be to add a new repo in the llvm organization. Any ideas on what to call the new repo? I was thinking something like: llvm-project-pull-requests


I think llvm-project-pull-requests implies that general pull requests should be created there somehow, which isn’t what we want, since we in general don’t support pull requests at this time. As this is specific for the release process, could it be llvm-project-releases or llvm-project-release-prs or similar?


+1 To James.

This seems like a good choice to me.