in case you're interested in having llvm in debian sarge: it was removed today. I don't know why, but you might want to find out because sarge is in freeze phase for release next month.


Possibly because of these:

I addressed the first one and fixed it in CVS -- LLVM used to produce an
executable named `extract' which conflicted with another program of the
same name; I renamed ours to `llvm-extract'. However, they are building
the .deb from 1.4, so the patch didn't make it nor were they interested.
Instead, they marked it as "conflicting" with `extract', but the bug is
not closed.

The second one is a "serious policy violation", which isn't as clear to
me what the bug reporter is saying, but it mentions warnings during
doxygen build and missing fonts and related issues that I'm not quite

If anyone wants to look into this, details are here:

(CCing the bug and thus the submitter)

sounds like a missing built-depends, at least graphviz, possibly
something else. Could you give us some of the error output from your
build to help narrow things down?


Andrew Lenharth

(CCing the bug)

In CVS this bug is fixed as misha said.

There shouldn't be any reason not to do the same thing to the 1.4 src

Andrew Lenharth

Uh, you have to Cc ####-submitter for that, technically.

Attached you can find one build log for the current Debian package,
and one if graphviz and texinfo are added to the build-depends.

In the third file you can fid the debdiff output between the debs I get
from the second build and teh ones in the archive.


llvm-orig-build.log.gz (211 KB)

llvm-modified-build.log.gz (212 KB)

debdiff.log.gz (39 KB)