Debug-info round table agenda

Hi debug-info folks,

There'll be a round table on debugging information at the conference
this week, 0930 to 1030 PT on Thursday. Please mail me if you'd like
something to be discussed, I've got the following strawman agenda:

  * Size reduction -- with constructor homing on by default, can we do more?
  * Entry values -- can call site information quality be measured, and
how good is it?
  * Source locations -- can we connect them with variable assignments,
to avoid presenting either out-of-order?
  * Testing and tooling -- what's going on with debugify / dexter /
llvm-diva, and what more can we do?

For reference, here are the notes from last years that Orlando kindly wrote up:

  [llvm-dev] Optimised code debugging experience Round Table follow up

Thanks for putting this together - looking forward to it!