Round Table about Profiling & Coverage in 2023 LLVM Dev Meeting

We would like to have another round table in 2023 LLVM Dev Meeting to bring in all the folks who are interested in profiling instrumentation and coverage.

@petrhosek @ellishg @ZequanWu @MaskRay @evodius96 @ayzhao @aeubanks @barrelshifter @hansw2000 @rnk

Please feel free to tag other people who might be interested.


Thanks for tagging. Do you have a time slot on Agenda: 2023 LLVM Developers' Meeting ?

This would be great.

We don’t have it in the agenda, but I’m planning to set it up for Thursday (Oct 12th) 2:15 - 2:45 session. Does anybody have any conflict with that time slot?

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Sounds good to me. It may be difficult to contact folks as we are already in the meeting :slight_smile: Perhaps talk to folks if we happen to meet possibly-interested folks:)