Debug_line.dwo not present in dwo object.

Hello everyone,

As I was wrapping up my implementation of macro dwo section. I noticed that debug_line.dwo is not present in dwo object, it’s only present if type units are also present.

While spec doesn’t mandate the presence of debug_line.dwo section for when macro section is present, but I think based on comments by Paul in
At least skeletal .debug_line.dwo section (which contains only the specialized header (the header and the file and directory lists, but not the actual line table), should be present for filenames. Same as in case of type units, a specialized debug_line.dwo is present.

I would like to have your/community thoughts on this.

Presence of specialized line table also enhances dwarfdump’s readiibilty while reading DW_AT_decl_file from a DWO object, it only shows[even in verbose mode] the file number, not the name of the file. Perhaps it tried looked for the corresponding entry in debug_line.dwo which is absent. For the primary object dwarfdump DW_AT_dec_file attribute is more readable with the file number and the file name both present.

Thanks a lot!
Sourabh Singh Tomar

Yes, it looks like, as Paul pointed out, using DW_MACRO_start_file requires the debug_macro contribution to have a debug_line_offset (“If a DW_MACRO_start_file entry is present, the header contains a reference to the .debug_line section of the compilation.” - in DWARFv5). Using DW_MACRO_start_file seems relevant/useful, so emitting debug_line_offset does too.

Yes, this means expanding the support for debug_line.dwo from the support for type units, to also supporting the macro usage. It’s probably a matter of renaming the SplitTypeUnitFileTable to, say, SplitFileTable, and using that from the debug_macro emission code as needed in the same way as it’s done for type units.

I don’t think it makes sense to/is correct to generalize this to be used by compilation units (they need to refer to the debug_line in the .o file to attach the main line table information - the instruction<>line mapping - and that cannot be moved into the .dwo file (well, isn’t spec’d to be done that way and there are various reasons not to want to move it out of the .o/linked executable, etc)), so decl_file will still be unresolved when dumping a dwo/dwp in isolation.