Deprecation: OpBuilder<"signature"> ODS form, use OpBuilderDAG instead

This is a deprecation notice for ODS syntax utilized to define custom builders. The old syntax,

OpBuilder<"signature", [{ body }]>

is deprecated since and will be removed in a ~month.

Please use the new syntax, consistent with other method declarations in ODS,

OpBuilderDAG<(ins "Type":$name, CArg<"Type", "default value">:$name), [{ body }]>

I updated all in-tree uses and updated the documentation. A tool is available to automate the migration process.

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Really great work Alex, thanks for pushing this!

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+1! Looks awesome. Thanks Alex! :smiley:

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The deprecated format was removed in As a next stage, I will rename OpBuilderDAG to OpBuilder.

Thank you again for doing this Alex!

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