Does LLVM have the pass that do loop dependence analysis ?

Hi, I'm surporiseing that the loop carried dependence analysis is not exsited ;
This problem can't be resolved in the future ?

In lib/Analysis/ you have LoopInfo, LoopPass and
LoopDependencyAnalysis classes. There are also AliasAnalysis and
MemoryDependenceAnalysis that can provide a good help in defining data
dependences inside loops.

Though, as far as I know, there isn't anything seriously implemented,
if implemented at all. I'm in the verge of working on it, but nothing
too deep to start with (I'm no LLVM expert). Maybe there are other
people already working on it, I don't know.

I'd be glad if you had insights regarding loop vectorization in LLVM,
but if you're only waiting for the feature to be implemented, I'd grab
a seat... :wink:


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