Dragonegg in Fedora!

The Fedora Steering Committee just approved making DragonEgg an official "feature" of Fedora 18. Previously the package was approved for inclusion in the Fedora repository, but this means that it will actually be listed as a feature in the Fedora 18 release notes.

The current proposed wording for the release notes, which I hurriedly composed when I submitted the feature proposal, is:

DragonEgg is a plugin for the GCC compilers to allow use of the LLVM optimization and code generation framework. DragonEgg provides software developers with more optimization and code generation options for use with the GCC compilers. DragonEgg also allows GCC to be used for cross-compilation to target architectures supported by LLVM without requiring any special cross-compilation compiler packages.

I'd welcome any corrections, updates, or even a full rewrite.

The Fedora Feature wiki page for DragonEgg is:


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