Euro-LLVM 2011 - Schedule + Details

Dear LLVM Users,

The European LLVM User Group Meeting 2011 schedule is on-line at

Thank you every one that registered and submitted papers and posters,

There are 5 talks planned, several side-sessions (one of them reserved
for lightning talks) and more than 40 people already registered!

The current proposed list of side sessions are:
- OpenCL (and similar technologies)
- Target Independent Bitcode (follow-up from Jin's presentation)
- The ARM back-end (follow up from Anton's presentation)
- Polly and automatic vectorisation in LLVM (with Tobias Grosser)
- LLVM community (issues, getting in touch, etc)
- Euro-LLVM 2012 (planning and early feedback)

The schedule for side sessions have not being defined yet, as we want
to gather people's interests first. Apart from the follow ups, the
rest can easily move around, so let us know the ones you really want
to see and we'll try to keep them apart.

** Lightning Talks and Posters **

Lightning talks are 5-10min presentations with no time for questions.
The idea is to quickly expose a problem and bring a solution, or to
pitch an argument to an already old discussion. Anything that will
make people thinking, and generate food for thought to be discussed
later during side sessions or dinner. We have a whole session reserved
for them, so please, submit your ideas. We'll also have a spare
projector, so ad-hoc lightning talks might be possible (bring your USB

We also have plenty of space for posters, so we're still accepting
submissions. Anything will do to get the conversation going, even some
papers on the wall. Ad-hoc posters can be added if there's still space
on the walls.

** Travel Arrangements and Dietary Requirements **

For those that have registered already, contact me if there's any
special requirements for your travel plans or dietary requirements. We
plan to have a vegetarian option on the dinner menu.

From noon to 1pm, we'll have some sandwiches and nibbles available for

the travellers coming directly to the meeting on the day. Please, let
me know if you plan on having a light lunch with us, so I can order
the right amount of food.

Also, there will be a full dinner + free drinks at the end. I'm
assuming everyone attending the meeting will have the dinner. If
that's not the case for you, please tell me before September starts.

Best regards,


We're almost full, so if you want to come to the user group meeting,
please register soon.

Unfortunately, we have a limit on the number of people, so we have to cut short.

To register, mail your details to