EuroLLVM 2022 - Call for Talk Proposals

All developers and users of LLVM and related sub-projects are invited to present at the 2022 EuroLLVM Developers’ Meeting! This conference will be held in-person and in the London, UK area sometime between May 10-12 (note this is a date range and exact dates will be finalized soon). The conference is expected to be 2 days with a single technical track and round table room. Full conference details are coming very soon as we are finalizing the venue and this announcement will be updated once we have the information.

Submit your talk proposals here:
2022 EuroLLVM Talk Submissions

Given the tight timeline and uncertainty of how many submissions we will have, we will be doing rolling reviews throughout the submission period. Please freeze your submission as soon as possible, so the program committee can provide feedback. There will be a short window of time after the submission deadline for final feedback before proposals are selected by the conference organizer. This is different than past conferences and program committees have been operated.

We are looking for the following proposals:

  • Technical Talks (20 minutes): Talks on: LLVM Infrastructure,Clang and all related sub-projects, On uses of LLVM in academia or industry, On new projects using Clang or LLVM

  • Tutorials (40-50 minutes*): In depth talks on LLVM infrastructure or other core libraries, tools, etc. Demos encouraged.

  • Student Technical Talks (15 minutes): Talks from students using LLVM, Clang, and all sub-projects in research. This is not a competition, but a specific category for student talks.

  • Quick Technical Talks (10 minutes): Quick talks about a use or improvement of LLVM and other sub-projects.

  • Lightning Talks (5 minutes): Lightning fast talks about a use or improvement of LLVM and other sub-projects.

  • Panels (45 minutes*): Panels may discuss any topic as long as it’s relevant to LLVM or related sub-projects. Panels can take many forms, but a common format is to begin with short introductions from each panel member, and follow with an interactive dialogue among the panelists and audience members. Panels should consist of at least 3 people and have a moderator.

  1. Poster: Present a poster during the assigned poster session during the event.

* Exact times TBD after talks selected and the schedule planned

Submission Requirements:

Submissions should be sent by April 1, 2022 at 11:59PM PDT.

Please submit your proposal here:
2022 EuroLLVM Submissions

Please note that preference will be given to speakers who can present in person. Once we see how many submissions and in-person speakers we have, we will determine if we will allow remote speakers at all. Please indicate in your submission if you plan to present in person.

For each proposal you must submit the following:

  • Talk title
  • Abstract
  • Submission type
    • For technical talk submissions, you can indicate if you would give a shorter talk (ie. Lightning or Quick instead of full length Technical Talk)
  • Photo and bios for all speakers (NEW since Fall 2021!)
  • Short abstract for the website
  • Extended PDF abstract (optional)

If you have questions, please let me know.


Any requirements for the photos btw? I note that submission just says ‘15MB max’, but wondered if you’d rather a certain size or what!

Sorry for the delay.
suggested size is 540 × 540 pixels in JPEG format.

The official deadline is April 1st for talk proposals. Please try to get them in by then if possible! There is a chance we can extend the deadline to April 4th, but as a reminder we are doing rolling reviews to try to accept proposals very quickly after the deadline.