f18 is accepted as part of LLVM project!

Hi everyone,

We as a community have been discussing whether the f18 Fortran compiler and runtime project should be accepted as part of the LLVM project, discussed this again in more detail at EuroLLVM’19 and the LLVM Foundation board of directors has recently approved its inclusion into the project!

The foundation recommends considering a new name for the project (e.g. flang or simply fortran) to be more accessible and obvious for new contributors - in addition to being the repository name, it will also be the base stem for mailing lists and other project related material. The f18 folks can discuss this, come up with a decision, and work with the llvm-admin team to set up the requisite infra.

The board also recommends that f18 evaluate (over time) whether it is reasonably possible to eliminate the dependence on C++’17 features. Using C++’17 is not a blocker for inclusion into the project, but will be a blocker for certain other infrastructure (e.g. build bots and integration into official releases), but those may or may not be relevant now given the early state of f18.

In any case, on behalf of the LLVM Foundation - welcome to the project and congratulations! It is really great to see new efforts in the compiler and runtime be included into the LLVM project!

Chris Lattner
on behalf of the LLVM Foundation