Regarding f18 integration with LLVM


I have been following f18 and LLVM for over six months now.I

Itwas great to know that f18’s inclusion in LLVM has been accepted and approved.

I am writing here to find answer to below points:

  • Any tentative timelines by which f18 would be integrated with LLVM!
  • By when, the f18 would be available for performance evaluation!
  • What is availability of documents (Design docs) for better understanding of f18 sources!

Thanks in anticipation!

Best Regards,


A note on the criteria for inclusion into LLVM

What does it mean to be included into LLVM?

  • My impression is that a project becomes part of the release package.

  • That there is some responsibility by the LLVM community or general interest in fixing bugs and providing updates.

For the first item, after downloading the entire release the user will choose to make use of any given project. It would appear that some projects in the release are not commonly of great user interest.

For the second item, I would think that for these less primary projects, that maintenance will likely have a lower priority and that it will primarily depend on those who have an interest in that project.

My observation is that some projects are not useful for the core purposes of LLVM and rather it is LLVM that is useful to the core purposes of some projects. We could remove some projects without any effect on what I think we could identify as components that have a necessary LLVM interdependency.

That we could remove some unnecessary projects does not require that they no longer have visibility or relevance to a more inclusive LLVM user group. It rather suggests we can provide easy visibility, and individual download and inclusion with LLVM for these satellite projects, of which there may be many. They become second tier projects. These are important projects in the larger context but not essential to the development LLVM.

Also in this way the libc project starts second-tier and may at some point become part of the primary LLVM project when that useful interdependency can be well justified.

Regards, Neil Nelson