Flang - How to collaborate best

Hi Douglas, hi Steve,

as you are certainly aware, there is an open-source FORTRAN compiler
available on github:


which to my pleasure is very actively developed. Congratulations to

I am not sure if I missed it, but was there ever an official
announcement of flang? I recall other people asking for this earlier,
but I likely missed out on it. If not, do you have plans to send out
such an announcement?

I just recently started to look into flang and wondered where to best
discuss questions about the flang design? Should these be on github,
llvm-dev, both?

I bring this up today, as I recently wanted to extend flang's LLVM IR
generation to include some more metadata and was surprised to see that
you print textual LLVM-IR without linking to any of the LLVM libraries.
Is there a specific reason you avoid the use of LLVM libraries for
LLVM-IR code generation. Not using the LLVM libraries seems to me a lot
more difficult or is at least something I am not very used to?

I am also interested to see the flang and LLVM communities to
collaborate more. Are there any plans on the flang side to move e.g. to
C++ and possibly start using more of the LLVM support libraries in case
it makes sense?

I would be very interested in your feedback.


Thanks Tobias for bringing this up. We have experimented a bit with flang in-house and it looks pretty good. Maybe a separate mailing list for flang would be a good starting point ?