FreeBSD kernel compiles and links!


the $SUBJ says it all :slight_smile: thank you a lot guys!

I had to patch the FreeBSD sources a little

1) had to fix
in FreeBSD sources

2) had to add memmove to the kernel

(I am going to commit fixes to both these problems upstream
to FreeBSD so dont worry about that)

3) had to worked around

this is also the blocker for i386 kernel (I compiled/linked amd64 one)
so this should be your next target :wink:

I'll see about booting it once (3) is fixed (as I have i386 at home)

btw... if you wonder about FreeBSD userland, last time I looked it had
the same problems as the kernel (ie. the problems that are mostly fixed
now) + lack of wchar_t handling... so I hope someone will take a look at

anyway, great work and many thanks from me!