Fuse linalg.tiled_loop

Hi Everyone,
is the fusion of linalg.tiled_loop ops supported in MLIR?

linalg.tiled_loop had been deprecated and was removed earlier this week - rG1a829d2d0695. mlir-hlo has a version of that (https://github.com/tensorflow/mlir-hlo/tree/master/include/mlir-hlo/Dialect/gml_st#structured-loop, not sure if fusion is possible at that level.

can you please point me to some reference explaining why linalg.tiled_loop was removed?
specifically, is it planned to be able to user linalg.generic on views/tiles to cover the lost capability?

The context of the removal is this longer discussion.
There are prototypes in progress to bridge the gap, I expect some more public progress in the coming weeks.