Gaussian multiplication for complex numbers

hi there;
I’m interested to contribute a transform and/or function for the complex dialect:

  1. Transform for complex multiplication using fewer than 4 products by Gaussian multiplication protocol to use 3 multiplications and 5 additions
  2. Provide a Complex IR dialect instruction to apply this Gaussian multiplication

However, when I look at the code I can’t see any unit tests for the complex dialect etc.

Old discussion seems dated (prior to the dialect introduction Dialect for complex numbers? - #14 by giuseros )

Can I have some tips to get this contribution started ?

cc: @bondhugula

The tests for complex dialect are stored here.

You can find the test to check the conversion across dialects here, e.g complex to standard.

I think we can write the canonicalization pass in the dialect if we only depend on the complex dialect ops, and lower them into standard or LLVM dialect later.