GCC Merge Coming Up

Hi LLVMites,

There's going to be new LLVM-GCC merge with Apple's GCC 4.2 coming up. If all goes well, this should happen tomorrow (Tuesday). I'll have Tanya disable emails when I apply the patch so that you aren't inundated with a bunch of messages. But I will send out the patch afterwards as an attachment.

One of the main reasons for this merge is to get SSE4 support into LLVM-GCC -- Nate Begeman already started adding support for SSE4 on the code-gen side -- as well as testsuite improvements and other general bug fixes.

This merge should go *much* more smoothly than the last merge -- it could hardly be worse, right? :wink: I already did a test compile of llvm-test with the patch and it compiled the programs without a problem. Devang is currently testing it as well so that I have a second opinion.