TODAY! Updating to CMake 3.4.3

Just an FYI. Later today I’ll be updating the CMake minimum version to 3.4.3. In advance of the transition I’ve posted a bunch of patches:


I will commit the patches early this afternoon.

I received a lot of responses from bot owners on my last thread (, so I think we’ll be in good shape, but I will be watching closely.

If you maintain a bot that *hasn’t* yet been updated please contact me right away so that we can coordinate.


One more thing I want to note on this thread.

For anyone looking at the patches. I’ve intentionally tried to make them minimal. After the patches have landed and stayed on trunk without issue for a while I’ll start doing cleanup around all the CMake version checks.

I’d like to not open the flood gates on those kinds of cascading changes in case these patches need to be reverted for some reason.


Have you investigated the impact of the merge downstream to the Swift enabled LLDB in GitHub? It’s staged, so we shouldn’t do it immediately but it would be helpful to know what to expect.

Kate Stone
 Xcode Low Level Tools