gdb on Mach-O

According to only ELF objects are supported for gdb support of
JIT generated code. Is this still true, or are Mach-O files now supported in 2.7 trunk?

Thanks in advance


I only implemented support for ELF, and I don't think anyone else has
gone back and added Mach-O. I'd like it to happen, though, since it
would mean that when Unladen Swallow lands, CPython developers would
be able to use gdb with the JIT.

In order to use gdb + LLVM's JIT on OS X, though, you need to be able
to build the FSF's gdb (7.0+) from source, since the version of gdb
that Apple distributes doesn't have the relevant patches. I wrote the
gdb patch while working at Google, and they agreed to relicense it
under the GPLv2 so that Apple can use it. I haven't heard back from
the Apple debugger team about it yet.

I should also note that right now this support will only buy you a few
things: symbols for JITed frames, the ability to run 'disas' on those
frames, and the ability to unwind the stack on x86_64. When the DOE +
MC situation improves and LLVM can generate it's own DWARF without
going through assembly, it shouldn't be too hard to add more DWARF.