Google Summer of Code 2016

Good evening,
my name is Miroslav Hnčíř and I am from Czech Republic.
I would like to participate in Google Summer of Code and help the LLVM project. I also would like to continue work on LLVM after GSoC, regardless of the outcome.
I am really interested in compilers and especially in LLVM (backends interest me more), but my problem is that I do not have much experience. I finished two subjects in school (frontend and backend for GCC, but really small ones) and currently I am experimenting with LLVM and Clang (Kaleidoscope inspired Pacal frontend, building whole source tree on Linux and with MSVC on Windows,…).

So I want to ask for advice for best project for beginner (if there is something for someone like me) and/or project where I can get really familiar with LLVM.

Miroslav Hrnčíř