[GSoC 2016] Adding MachineModule pass to LLVM

Hello Community,

I have submitted my draft proposal for this project on the summer of code web site and shared it with the community. Please take a look at it and suggest/ comment some modifications. I have already done some study on the relevant code. I will still do some more before the final submission but this is more of designing challenge please help !


Hi Vivek,

I’ve reviewed your MachineModulePass proposal and in general, I like what I’m seeing. A few suggestions on how you can make it stronger:

  1. Please go into more specific detail on your prior work with LLVM. Specifically:
  2. Which optimizations and passes have you implemented in your class assignments?
  3. Could you give more details on your register allocation project? In particular, which backends have you worked with, and how complete is the project currently (e.g., what sorts of programs is it capable of compiling)?1. It would be good if you could include a resume/C.V. with your proposal. You can append it to your proposal document, or perhaps upload it as a supplementary document (I’m not very familiar with the GSoC web system, so I don’t know what options it gives).
  4. Has your GSoC 2014 work for Drupal been upstreamed into the project’s mainline code? (If yes, you should indicate this when you talk about it in the proposal.)

Ethan Johnson