GSOC inquiry.

Hi, I am Om Shivom pursuing CSE from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh and I have previously worked on C++ and Python. I am interested in contributing to llvm through GSOC 2016. I need a little guidance on how to get started here.


Have you looked through the Open Projects page at ? Have you worked with LLVM or one of its related sub-projects previously? Regards, John Criswell

No i have not worked previously on llvm. I have looked through the projects but because of no prior experience i am unable to pick one. I am currently going through the llvm tutorials.

I would recommend a project that has you working at the LLVM IR level. Fixing bugs or adding a new analysis or optimization pass may be a good project. Another good project might be to improve our documentation. I’ve noticed over the years that most of our documents are reference-like in manner. When I start teaching students how to use LLVM, I direct them to three difference documents. It might be good to have a “Getting Started with Programming with LLVM” guide to help new students learn how to get started with using the infrastructure. Regards, John Criswell

I am interested in adding a new analysis or optimization pass and building the getting started guide as a project for gsoc.

Okay. Decide which of these two projects you’d like to propose and write up a description of the project. Be sure to include some details. For example, if you’re going to improve the documentation, describe the current deficiencies and how you plan to address them. Regards, John Criswell

I am interested in add a new pass. I have read about analysis, transformation passes. Can you help me with some example ideas?

No, I really can’t. I haven’t kept track of which optimization passes are currently implemented in LLVM, so it’s not clear to me what is most needed by the core compiler or by new languages using the compiler (e.g., Swift). There’s another GSoC thread on the mailing list in which people discuss optimizations that we’d like to have for LLVM. I recommend you look for and read that thread. Regards, John Criswell