Prospective GSoC projects - 2019

Hi all

I'm a master's student from India. I'm very much interested in compilers and infrastructure toolchains. I have been following llvm for past few months, I like the scope of LLVM project and community behind it. I'm hoping to participate in Google Summer of Code 2019 at LLVM. I have intermediate knowledge of modern c++, boost libraries (proto, hana) and basic knowledge of compilers and optimizations. I have gone through the LLVM Kaleidoscope tutorial to get to know about LLVM code-gen API and JIT environment. I know still there is a lot of things to watch up.

For GSoC 19, I looked at Open Projects page, where I can find only GSoC 2018 projects and some projects whose current status is not mentioned. Given the vastness of the LLVM project, it is difficult for me to find some prospective projects that can be completed this summer. Especially I'm interested in code optimization, compiler-rt and clang static analyzer. However, I open to discuss cool projects within scope llvm. I highly appreciate if you point me to (hints) some project ideas in these areas. It would help me to make some research on the idea and write a good proposal and proof of concept.

I hope by participating in GSoC with llvm, will be a great learning experience, possibly develop a career in compiler optimization and much more fun :slight_smile:

Hoping for a reply about some prospective project ideas for this summer!

Thanks a lot

Hi Community :slight_smile:

I'm following up on this request, given the organization deadline to apply is Feb 6.

Anyone interested in proposing a ideas for GSoC 19.

Interested people please reply :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Hi all

I saw the open projects is being updated. Thanks a lot for your effort :slight_smile: