[GSOC 2018] Project covering LLVM and GPU


This year I am very interested in participating in the Google Summer of Code with a LLVM project. The main reason is that I am starting a Bachelor’s Thesis about compilers that will target directly LLVM. (Note that I would like to continue beyond Bachelor)

The project that me and my advisor have chosen is about compiler optimizations for GPGPU. Although I have seen some proposals for the GSOC of this year I haven’t found anything that belongs to this scope. For that reason, I would like to ask if someone is interesting in mentoring a project of this characteristics, that although it would be simple for the GSOC in order to get more familiar with LLVM, I expect to keep working seriously on LLVM in the future and I think that an initial GSOC proposal could help me to warm up.

Best regards,


Hi Alfonso,

could you elaborate a bit more on the project? It sounds like you have some details already in mind. In general, projects involving the AMDGPU backend would be quite interesting to me and I could try to make some time for mentoring.